Hurricane Irma

What a whirlwind of a week. One moment  we are happy, content – getting into the groove to bring in the fall only to turnaround and have a fear run through us as we prep to leave the island for another Hurricane.

So with the mindset that we are going to be Pummeled we set forth to pack up  houses, prep our store so we can minimize damage if we were to get damage and wait for the word to evacuate. Our minds and eyes were glued to the TV as we watched Hurricane Irma slam into the Caribbean taking its wrath out on the islands and then into Florida.

And we leave only to learn its not going to be as bad as predicted in fact when Irma finally made her way to South Carolina, it was down graded to a Tropical Storm.  However,  we found refuge in Nashville with many other people from Floridians to South Carolinians. And what was an evacuation was now an unexpected vacation.

In tow, we have our dog Southie, kids who were suppose to fly to Hilton Head and the wrong clothes. Why is it we always forget something? The dog has managed to enjoy a snow cone, go to the park several times and play ball. He is happy and content with his people. (that would be us).  We have done some great sightseeing and even stopped by the local Needlepoint Shop.

Nashville Needleworks is a great store if you ever in the area. So many wonderful threads, great canvases and so much more. Connie, who owns it was at Destination Dallas (where we were suppose to have been this past weekend). I am sorry to have missed her.

We would love to see what people have been working on during the storm.

And lastly, we hope those affected by the storm are safe. I know putting life back together after something like Irma is never easy. Please know our hearts are with you.