What does the canvas say to you?

I  tell people that have not done needlepoint before that the chosen canvas needs to speak to them in a sense. It should evoke an emotion.  Size – not too small, not too large.  If it doesn’t evoke emotion you will give up on it and shove it to the back of your closet. In addition, it may become more of a labor than of love.  When something is new and we do not see progress we get discouraged. Out of sorts. You spent all the time and money and for what, nothing.  When a canvas speaks to you and time and time you keep going back to it, you know its right in so many ways. Instant gratification is so important when starting something new and its not always realistic.   If you choose a huge canvas that has so much going on your head  is likely to portray that of Linda Blair in the “Exorcist” (you know when her head turns around.).

Needlepoint is relatively new to me. And the first project given to me when I bought the store is in the back of a closet as I write. Eventually after time, I found something that was interesting to me and started to learn how to stitch. Over the past year and a half, I have completed a number of canvases.  I love florals with all the shading. More than that though needlepoint has become relaxing. Once I felt comfortable enough to try new stitches everything just clicked.  It is a joy, a meditation of sorts and I tend to pick things that spark something in me.

Taking the speaking to me to another level….while checking in a trunk show two of the ladies that work where checking out Loira Manne’s really fun canvases. There is a series of dog canvases (see below). It is the same three dogs doing different activities. Somehow these dogs came to life even before stitching. Personalities were built about which dog is what and who and why. The conversation was one of humor and delight. It was lighthearted and fun. And to hear them talk was hilarious to say the least. What I am getting at is that each dog has a story. Each one of the canvases spoke to us. It evoked laughter and joy. The canvases are delightful and whimsical.  They told us a story in our own twisted way.  So what does your canvas say to you? I would love to know…