A Brand New Website.

What a crazy year it has been so far. We have taken on a lot of new initiatives this year with the intention to serve you better whether near or far.

If you have visited our website in the past you are likely to recognize some changes.   It’s all good. On this new site you can explore artists, sign up for classes, clubs etc. And soon you will be able to shop online with us. (Late this Fall we hope.)

We are so happy with our newly designed site and the website development team worked extremely hard to bring us what we wanted and we are forever grateful to them. Granted there will be tweaks along the way but we are thrilled nevertheless of this beautiful new site.

One of the features of this site is this blog. We plan to make it a little more intimate than our newsletter. We will tell stories, share ideas and offer tips for all of the needle arts. We hope that in turn you will share stories with us and maybe show us something different and new that you have picked up along the way.

Another feature is under the “More” section. It is here we will have information about our classes, clubs, trunk shows and exclusives. It will be continuously updated.

We hope you find this site easy to use, inviting and informative.

Thank you for coming on this journey with us.


Best regards,

Michele and the Gang at Needlepoint Junction (NPJ)



(Please also note, that I tend to write from the heart and my writing on a blog is more guttural than in the newsletter. As such my grammar is not always perfect and I do not strive to make it perfect. I just write.)