Autumn is on the mind…

For most people, Labor Day for some strange reason is the passage way into Fall. We finish the long weekend with just one more summer bar-b-que, one more dip in the pool before the cover goes on (in colder places), the last taste of watermelon and popsicles. And once, we have celebrated the holiday we tend to have the urge to pull out that fall sweater that is still way too warm for the beginning of September. We hide our toes from the sandals and our bodies from the sun. Strange yes, but true. Just think about it.

But with the fall coming we hear the trees wrestle as they sway in the breeze, we see the sky become an amazing shade of blue and the foliage begins to change color. We go from incredible shades of greens to beautiful shades of copper, reds, yellows, rusts and golds. Up north its a magnificent site along the Vermont mountains or the New Hampshire Highways. And yes, I do miss them from time to time.

What I really miss is the smell of warm Cider Donuts and Apple Cider straight from the Orchards. I miss taking that ride once a year out to an Apple Orchard to spend maybe 20 minutes picking our favorite apples from the trees. Our ride was longer than the actual picking of fruit. But we enjoyed the time, tasting the apples and picking which ones would be perfect for Apple Pie and Apple Butter. Its a small moment of time but every fall the memories come forward in my brain as I look out at the Spartina Grass on the water and see the reflection of my past in the changing colors of the grass. Its a happy thought about a happy time. I am truly blessed.

In honor of the changing season, our Autumn Spartina Yarn has arrived. Its colors are reminiscent with the changing colors of the grass and of the trees up North.

The yarn was dyed by local dyer Copper Corgi Studio and is available in two weights – Sport and Sock. This is number 2 in our season series. Come by and get yours today or call and we can mail it to you.