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A Look at Yesterday and Tomorrow

How crazy am I is what goes through my brain sometimes. Just think about for a moment. Five years ago, I bought a little store in the corner of a plaza on Hilton Head Island. I hadn’t the slightest idea of the product I would be selling. Let’s face it, I barely knew what knitting needles were, never mind using them to knit!  Even worse,  I had never even thought of doing needlepoint or cross stitch nor did I pretend to understand it.  But I jumped in head first,  because going in feet first would have been too logical.  Very shortly, my heart followed.

The space we were in, back in 2014,  was small and crowded. I believe on day one, after being in the store for the day, I declared to those that would listen, that I needed more space. I made my plea and waited patiently, sometimes, as I learned the business. It was there in the tiny space that I gained appreciation for Needle Arts. I was in awe of the talent I was lucky enough to surround myself with.

About a year and a half into this life I was creating, the store next to us became available. It offered the opportunity to go from 600 square feet to 1600 square feet. Once again, I went in head first. I was nervous and it was a complex time in life. I was growing a business, my father was sick, and my time was being pulled in several directions. It definitely was not the right time to be expanding from a logical stand point. But, when was the opportunity going to show itself again?  No one knew that answer, so yes, like a crazy lady, I dove in.  In February of 2016, we opened the doors to our new space which was right next door to our old space. It was quite the milestone. And, with family and friends, we celebrated with our community. The space is bright and inviting. Even with compromises, it was what I  envisioned. We built out a classroom, we set out to bring it to the next level by adding more knitting yarns and new thread lines. Happy and content, most of the time, I knew that someday, we would grow out of our new space even though we made huge strides. I figured maybe down the line, we would need more space and grow even more. I did not expect it, when it came knocking at the door.

Early this year, we were given the opportunity to take back our old space and break through the wall!  And, once again, like a crazy lady, I chose to move forward. I wasn’t ready.  I wasn’t anticipating it, but I decided to take the risk. A BIG one, I might add. Incredibly nervous, but with my mind running in a 1000 different ways, we are here. Almost ready to share with the rest of the world our expanded digs.

This coming weekend we are hosting an Open House/NeedleArt Reception to celebrate this milestone. If you are in the neighborhood, please stop by. You do not need to Crochet, Cross- Stitch, Knit, Needlepoint or Hook Rugs to join us.  We will be celebrating the works of many of our local stitchers. We will be celebrating the Art of Needlework. We will be celebrating our community and all it has to offer.  I am looking forward to what tomorrow may bring but don’t put any more crazy ideas into my brain for awhile.

Please join us, on October 27th from 1-4 PM for our Open House at Needlepoint Junction. 1000 William Hilton Parkway, Suite J7E & F. There will be food, laughter and probably some surprises!


Classes, clubs and Sit and Stitches

We are starting to settle into our new space (actually it will take some time) but we are up and running for classes. You can check out our calendar on this site but here is a run down.

Geri’s Americana Patchwork Quilt Needlepoint – Starts Wednesday, October 2nd at 1:00 PM. This is a great stash buster of your Red, White and Blues. Each session, you will get another portion of the stitch guide. There are 17-19 stitches in each session. Cost is $40 and then $20 for each session.


This class is sold out but we will add another session if people want it.

Learn to Paint your Own Canvas – November 1st from 10 – 4:30 with JP of Labors of Love. In this class you will learn the techniques needed to paint the perfect canvas. At the end of this class, you will go home with your first painted canvas. All supplies are included along with lunch. Cost is $115.00


Baby Turtle Class – November 2nd from 10AM – 4PM with Mark Young of Labors of Love. This is a project class with the sweetest little turtle.  Everything you need from canvas to threads to needles is included in this class. (And yes, we are planning to feed you.) It is recommended that you use a frame stand but its not an absolute. Cost is $350.00

baby turtle


Stitch Club Hilton Head meets on one Tuesday evening a month. Next session is TBD.  Meeting hours are from 5PM – 8PM. Bring whatever you may be working on and join in the fun as we sit, sip and most likely BBB*ITCH.



Sit and Stitch with Geri – Wednesday’s at 10:30AM until 12:30PM.  There is no cost for you to attend. We do request that your project be from our store.



How to Knit Socks and Pedi Socks – this 3 part class will take you through all the steps needed to make socks. You should know how to cast on, knit and pearl.

Cost is $75 + materials.  There is pre-work and homework for this class. Class meets September 18th, 25th and October 2nd from 1-2:30 PM


Crochet Breezy Shawl – This shawl is gorgeous. Knowledge of intermediate crochet skills is recommended.  This is a 3 part class and meets on October 16th, 23rd and 30th Cost is $75 + materials.



Sit N’ Stitch with Elaine on Thursday’s beginning October 17th, 24th, 31st and November 7. From 10:30AM -12:30PM. This is a project oriented class where you will have the choice of 4 different shawls. Cost for this sit in is Materials only. Since this is an  instructor driven class, we request that your yarn for this project is from our store.

The different shawls include:

Seagrass Wrap

Spring Carnival


Local Yarn Shawl


Winter on My Mind

silver leaf


seagrass 2




Rug Hooking

Rug Hooking 101 with Judy Brown

We are so excited to welcome Rug Hooking into our family of products. It’s been a long time coming. As a child my Nana taught me how to Rug Hook. I remember spending hours stripping the wool, watching her do her thing. I remember how beautiful they looked once completed. I never knew wool could inspire such beautiful pieces. Her speciality was scenes. And how she loved it so.

Well now its time to bring Rug Hooking into our little family again. We are honored to announce this first class with Judy Brown.

This beginner class is great for someone interested in trying out this art form. All supplies will be provided.  The class is a full day and at the end you will have a piece to take home and continue to work on.

Cost includes the canvas, wool and hooks and of course we will feed you lunch. Please bring scissors. We will have hoops for you to use for the class and if you choose to purchase one at the end of class you are most welcome. $160 which includes a $5 deposit for the hoop which will be returned if you choose not to keep the hoop or deducted from the cost of the hoop. (The cost is $35.00)

Class size is limited so sign up now.


Other Sit and Stitches

Monday and Friday’s 1PM – Knitting and Crochet

Friday Mornings 10 AM -1 PM Needlepoint

We are adding more this fall. Keep checking back.



Autumn is on the mind…

For most people, Labor Day for some strange reason is the passage way into Fall. We finish the long weekend with just one more summer bar-b-que, one more dip in the pool before the cover goes on (in colder places), the last taste of watermelon and popsicles. And once, we have celebrated the holiday we tend to have the urge to pull out that fall sweater that is still way too warm for the beginning of September. We hide our toes from the sandals and our bodies from the sun. Strange yes, but true. Just think about it.

But with the fall coming we hear the trees wrestle as they sway in the breeze, we see the sky become an amazing shade of blue and the foliage begins to change color. We go from incredible shades of greens to beautiful shades of copper, reds, yellows, rusts and golds. Up north its a magnificent site along the Vermont mountains or the New Hampshire Highways. And yes, I do miss them from time to time.

What I really miss is the smell of warm Cider Donuts and Apple Cider straight from the Orchards. I miss taking that ride once a year out to an Apple Orchard to spend maybe 20 minutes picking our favorite apples from the trees. Our ride was longer than the actual picking of fruit. But we enjoyed the time, tasting the apples and picking which ones would be perfect for Apple Pie and Apple Butter. Its a small moment of time but every fall the memories come forward in my brain as I look out at the Spartina Grass on the water and see the reflection of my past in the changing colors of the grass. Its a happy thought about a happy time. I am truly blessed.

In honor of the changing season, our Autumn Spartina Yarn has arrived. Its colors are reminiscent with the changing colors of the grass and of the trees up North.

The yarn was dyed by local dyer Copper Corgi Studio and is available in two weights – Sport and Sock. This is number 2 in our season series. Come by and get yours today or call and we can mail it to you.


Summer Spartina

Spartina Grass in the Early Summer


People ask me all the time, what do we love about Hilton Head, and, do I miss the seasons. My husband and I fell in love with the rich hues of Summer, Winter, Fall and Spring that surround us every year from the many things are Hilton Head-ish. One of those most amazing things I love is coming over the Cross Island Bridge and seeing the Spartina Grass sway in the breeze in the water. I love how it changes color depending on the season. I fall in love with it ever time I see it….Fast forward to Copper Corgi Studio Fibers. (a Local Indie Dyer who we absolutely love!)

We have partnered with Copper Corgi to bring to life our love of the Spartina Grass in the different seasons. Our first yarn is Summer Spartina. The lush greens and yellows that come about when the grass is tall and the sun is shining high. Our first two weights are in – Savannah Sock (460 yards) and Ogeechee Sport (350 yards).  This yarn is available in several weights and only through Needlepoint Junction. There will be one color for each season, so stay tuned for more color ways to come.

“Summer Spartina” is available now.

thumbnail-1  Spartina Summer


Hey Everyone!

Check us out on The Bridge – Wednesday at 11:30 AM


old store

Yesterday and Today


Wow – time has flown by so quickly. I cannot believe we are coming up on the 4 year mark. When I walked into the store for the very first time I had no clue as to what I was doing. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to be there. The place was small and cramped but filled with color and tons of inspiration.  I was nervous, scared and in over my head.

Diving in head first, I never looked back. Never. It has been a complete joy, a gift that has saved me in ways. It has been my therapy. The people I meet; the staff and the group of regulars who are my family have been there for me in ways I never had even envisioned.

Two years ago when we moved into our new space, you were there for me – hanging threads, moving one store into the new space. You spent hours putting the store together even as I was rushed away with an emergency.  I came back a week later to find a store completely filled with canvases, supplies, yarn and threads. I can never say thank you enough. I am one lucky person. I truly am.

Fast forward to today – 2 years in our wonderful space that is bright and inviting. Every once in awhile you will hear me mutter that I would love more space to do more things. In time, I say, in time. Its all good.  It is pure happiness. It is pure love.  I love meeting new people, newbies to the Needlearts while still learning from all of you that come through our door.


storeinteriorStore 2


For the Love of Pippin

polar bears

We all have our different tastes and I am no exception to the rule. I love many designers. I am awe sometimes of a canvas and even more so of the stitchers who manipulate them to become masterpieces. As I have stated many times, while I own a store, I am still a novice to the field of Needlepointing. My  Canvases choices for the most part are emotional and some are pragmatic in nature depending what I am trying to achieve. I am  in full learning mode while enjoying the process of creating a finished piece.

But why Pippin? Let me say that Pippin is only one of several that seem to helping me create a “stash”. I adore Pippin. I find that many of Jennifer Tan’s canvases (Pippin) lead themselves to become samplers so to speak.  Her designs (Fives, Nines, Dozens) allow enough space to play with not only stitches but with fibers as well. I am on my third one. (a little bit of a groupie maybe.)

So while I have a few pieces in progress, I am working on Pippin Polar Bears right now. I chose it because even though it doesn’t have a lot of color, I knew it would take me out of a comfort zone to try new fibers – fibers I am not usually drawn too. (This is me; thinking outside of the box.)  My life is one big continuously learning wheel. However, when it comes to Needlepointing, – my learning is specific.  For this project, I have chosen a variety of white threads in different fibers. As I pull the needle through the canvas, I am learning how it feeds through the canvas, how it looks in a particular stitch  and how it does or doesn’t make sense in relation to my piece and what I am trying to accomplish.  For this piece its all about different fibers – silk, wool, blend, synthetic, velvet, etc.

Who knew that silk from one manufacturer could feel so different in your hands, in the way it slides through the canvas and how it covers your canvas. Or even have a different sheen. Before  owning a store, I had no clue.  But I am having fun and I learn something new every day.

So thank you Pippin. Thank you for creating such adorable pieces that are great for all levels of needlepoint. Thank you!

And I ask, do you have a favorite designer A favorite thread, A favorite stitch? I am always open to learning something new. Please share your ideas.



My Heart Travels with my Family – from the Traveling Needle

My Heart Travels with My Family


I find that the holidays are always a time of reflection and sentimentality… if I close my eyes I can smell the inky pages of the Sears Roebucks’ catalog – as it was within the pages of this thick book that I found all of my Christmas hopes and dreams.  Page 453 contained that bike I had to have, page 207 the sweater I could not live without, 16 the new Singer sewing machine and 32 the rock tumbler that I would use to start my very own polished rock collection!  My 9-year-old life springs into my memory along with the smells, decorations, conversations, activities – ahhhh, it’s these wonderful shared memories that lay the foundation for my husband and I with our girls.

This year our eldest came home from college for Thanksgiving break and my oh my heart was SO full hearing she and her sister laugh and scheme about how they were going to trick dad into going out for ice cream or when they thought it was the right time to begin decorating the tree.  Sitting quietly smiling, listening and addressing Christmas card envelopes I found myself overwhelmed with love for my family – so I just stopped what I was doing and started knitting.  My heart was so full that I wanted each of them to have a small piece of it.  I knit each of them a heart and decided to create necklaces so they could carry a little me with them when they need it the most.

With some 100% cotton yarn I knit the heart, I back the heart in a rough cut of 100% wool and affixed the wool to the back of the heart my stitching beads into the front of the heart with beading thread (you can really use any type of thread you want that fits into the bead and blends with the color of the yarn/wool.

Next I took some silk and ivory, some vineyard silk and some Entice, in colors that I liked, and wrapped them around some raw cording.  I slipped the ends of the cording between the knit heart and the wool and stitched it into place and Viola!  My girls had a little piece of me to take back to college or to high school with them!

This is a perfect and very easy project for just about anyone just to tell them that they are loved.  I am going to do bookmarks with a heart for my book club and a couple more necklaces for the grandmas.  My yarn and needles will get to travel the world as I send them to out to all of my closest and loved friends.  Give it a try and spread some love this holiday season.  Shoot me a message if you have any questions!

Please let me know where the needle takes you!

Much love, The Traveling Needle





You will need:   cotton or worsted weight yarn and a set of double point needles (DPN)

Depending on the size of the heart and the weight of the yarn you choose you can use size 3-6 needles.  I knot the heart in the pictures above with  size 3 DPN

K 3 sts. Turn
K1, M1, K1, M1, K1. Turn
K 5 sts. Turn

K1, M1, K3, M1, K1. Turn K7 sts. Turn
Break yarn.

Slide all these stitches to the end of the needle. Repeat from * Don’t break yarn the second time.

You should now have both tops of the heart on one needle. Making sure both pieces are ridge side up, knit across. Turn K 3 more rows. Turn
K1, ssk, K to last 3 sts, k2tog, K1. Turn

K across. Turn
Repeat the last two rows until 2 sts remain. Bind off. Darn in ends, coaxing the heart into shape.

To make a larger heart, add more increase rows to each top piece.
To make a taller heart, add more plain rows between each decrease row.


Stitches – K through O! from the Traveling Needle

Stitches K-O


As I craft this blog post cozy smells of Thanksgiving break are filling the air in my house…both of my daughters are home for the holiday break and I have put them in charge of the traditional pumpkin pie as well as the scrumptious fudge pie.  Hearing their laughter, chatter and the resounding clanging of the pans truly fills this mamas heart!!


OK, back to stitching!  We left off with stitches F-J, and those were some fun stitches right??  How many of you have tried them and which ones did you like the best?  I’d love to hear from you!  You can shoot me a message on The Traveling Needle Facebook page or thru the blog site



The Kathy Stitch:  This is a beautiful stitch for samples or just an isolated placement within a pattern.  For example I used the Kathy stitch within a small frame above a mantle on a Christmas stocking to act as a “piece of art”.


When you stitch this, please keep in mind that the Kathy is not equal on all sides.  Exercise caution when stitching.

To create, make the straight, centerlines in a color.  The slanted V’s should be stitched in another color or thread, and the French knot in the center is made in another. Sometimes I like to place a bead in the center instead of a French knot Take care when counting-it can be a bit tricky.




The Leaf Stitch:  My favorite use for this stitch is on birds but it can also be used for foliage, rolling hills, backgrounds and of course leaves!


To stitch, start with the tip of the leaf and work your way down.  Stitch on both sides of the leaf as you travel to the lower portion of the leaf.  You may need to use your fingernail to move the lower portion of the leaf as you stitch a new tip.

Careful counting will create a lovely pattern on your canvas.  Try using an over dyed thread for an interesting effect.




I could not find a stitch that started with an “M” so I decided that for this letter we would talk about good canvas Maintenance while stitching. Keep in mind this blog is for the ultra beginner as well as the advanced stitcher, so some of this tips will be well known and for others revelations!  Good canvas maintenance starts with taping the edges of your canvas prior to stitching.  Most needlepoint shops will tape for you; ask them if they don’t automatically do it.  The taping keeps the canvas from fraying and the edges breaking down.  I ALWAYS stitch on a frame!  This keeps the canvas from being folded or the threads being pulled too tight, framing makes for an even finish.  I use both the frames that require the canvas to be tacked onto the wood frame as well as a roll frame, for my larger pieces. Either type of frame is good whatever suits your preference.  Lastly, many of us stitch in groups at a local needlepoint shop or with friends at a recreation center.  If you stitch away from home be sure to transport your framed canvas in a clean bag.  I place my canvas in a pillow case or kitchen trash bag and then in a large tote bag so that it stays clean and free from dust and my potentially spilled coffee!!



The Norwich (aka Waffle) Stitch:  This stitch is best used in a block or as an isolated stitch.  I have seen the Norwich used for buildings, foliage or fields.


Follow the numbers by coming up at 1 and back down at 2.  You will come back up at 2 and down at 4.  Continue to do so until you have come out at 27.  Before you place your needle at 28, weave the needle under the 21-22 bars.  This will give your stitch a continuous woven look.



The Oriental Stitch:  This is a beautiful stitch, especially when done in two colors for clothes, foliage and backgrounds.



Start with the red stitches first.  Once this is laid out, all you will need to do is fill in with the black stitches. Oriental is great when created in one or two colors.

I can tell you that I am excited about using the oriental stitch in white and blue glisten for some backgrounds on a Christmas stocking I’m working on!  But first I need to go do some pie testing!!

Happy and safe travels to all of you that will be traveling over this Thanksgiving holiday!  Don’t forget to take your needles, thread, yarn, and canvases’ and please let the traveling needle know what you’ve found along the way – we will be sure to do the same!!










Follow the numbers by coming up at 1 and back down at 2.  You will come back up at 2 and down at 4.  Continue to do so until you have come out at 27.  Before you place your needle at 28, weave the needle under the 21-22 bars.  This will give your stitch a continuous woven look.



The Oriental Stitch:  This is a beautiful stitch, especially when done in two colors for clothes, foliage and backgrounds.



Start with the red stitches first.  Once this is laid out, all you will need to do is fill in with the black stitches.


Oriental is great when created in one or two colors.


I can tell you that I am excited about using the oriental stitch in white and blue glisten for some backgrounds on a Christmas stocking I’m working on!  But first I need to go do some pie testing!!


Happy and safe travels to all of you that will be traveling over this Thanksgiving holiday!  Don’t forget to take your needles, thread, yarn, and canvases’ and please let the traveling needle know what you’ve found along the way – we will be sure to do the same!!








Stitches F – J! from the Traveling Needle

What a busy week it has been!  I’ve been continuously delighted, time and time again, by the many talented artisans that The Traveling Needle has found in South Carolina!  Stay tuned on the blog for creations by Sari Kandel and phenomenal canvas painter and teacher and as well words of great wisdom and advice regarding needlepoint fibers from Geri Rihn.  How blessed are we to stumble upon these amazing talents?  In the meantime (while I am writing up their blogs) lets dine back into the wonderful world of needlepoint stitches.  We have covered A-E in a previous blog, now let’s tackle F-J.  I searched high and low for a stitch that starts with an “I” and could not find one….if any of you know of one please message me and I will put it in!  Until then here are some of my favorite stitches F-J with two from J, to cover the lack of an “I” stitch…



The Flat Pattern:  This pattern is fantastic for buildings, walkways, clothes and large background areas.


To work Flat Pattern, stitch each “block” as a unit.  When this is finished, continue on to the next one.This pattern is excellent for large areas and backgrounds.



Ginger Jars:  What a FUN stitch this is.  Don’t be intimidated; looks complex but once you get going it is a fun stitch!  This is great fro foliage and clothing.


To stitch Ginger Jars, start on the left and make a series of upside-down V’s, all the way to the end of the row.  (Dark blue)  Then, when you finish the row, make the next row of upright V’s, traveling back to the left side of the canvas.  Start another row of upside down V’s and continue stitching in this manner until you complete the area.

To finish, make the perpendicular and parallel straight lines. (Light blue and black)

It is best to create Ginger Jars in two different colors or threads.  If you wish for pattern only and no contrast, stitch in only one.



The Herringbone:  A beautiful classic that is perfect for clothes, foliage, birds, buildings and backgrounds.


To work Herringbone, come up in the corner and travel down over 2 intersections on the canvas.  You will go back down under the canvas and come back up next to the previous stitch.  Now, travel up 2 intersections and pass your needle under the canvas.  Repeat this process until you have reach the end of the row.  (Follow the pink row.)

For the second row, you may need to use a second needle or your fingernail to come back up to the topside of the canvas.  Continue doing this until you have reached the bottom of the area in which you want to fill in.  (Yellow rows)

Please note:  You will make the first row on the top of the canvas and work your way down.  Never start in the middle or lower portion of your area.


Sadly I could not uncover and “I” stitch – so for this letter we encourage Individuality and creativity!



Because there was not an “I” stitch we are going to highlight two “J” stitches!  The first…

The John Stitch:  This is a great stitch for clothing, especially if you did it with to colors.  If you choose to stitch with just one color the John looks fantastic in any area.  In one color this is a truly multi-purpose stitch!


Work a standard continental stitch from the top of the canvas to the bottom, within the stitch area.  When you have finished going down the length of your stitching area, work your way back up.  Skip the long stitches as you sew this pattern if you are stitching in two colors.  When the stitch area is finished, fill in the long stitches with another thread or color.

If you wish to make John a bit more subtle and work in any background or area, stitch all in one color and just sew the long stitches into your pattern as you go.


The Jus Stitch:  This is a beautiful multi-layered stitch that looks fantastic when used for rolling hills, borders or certain types of clothing.


To stitch the Jus, begin on the left-hand side of the canvas, making a series of upside-down V’s, all the way to the end of the row.  (blue lines) Then, make the next row of upright V’s, and continue stitching rows in this way until you have filled the area.  Once the area has been filled, you are ready to stitch the straight, perpendicular lines.  (also blue)  The last portion of this stitch is the slashed cross.  (blue/green)

We have to be honest – this week it was hard to pick just one stitch per letter….there are so many.  We found ourselves diving into Stitches to Go by Suzanne Howren and Beth Robertson over and over to the point that our copy is now dog-eared and highlighted to death!!  The art of needlepoint is so amazing – and we’re just at the very beginning of this journey – and am so thankful that we are on it with all of you!

Lots more going on this week.  Tickets are being secured for the Traveling Needle to head to Belize in January to work with schools and teach them the craft of knitting.  Then in February the Needle will head to New York, dive into the garment district and meet with some fiber specialists boy are we are excited for this trip and to share what we learn there!  In the meantime the Needle will continue traveling around and exploring all of the offerings in South Carolina:  we have shared that Hilton Head has a true treasure of a shop with Needlepoint Junction – next we will head to Charleston and see what the Needle digs up there!

As always, thank you for coming along on the adventures of The Traveling Needle!

PS. You can find her blog at