For the Love of Pippin

polar bears

We all have our different tastes and I am no exception to the rule. I love many designers. I am awe sometimes of a canvas and even more so of the stitchers who manipulate them to become masterpieces. As I have stated many times, while I own a store, I am still a novice to the field of Needlepointing. My  Canvases choices for the most part are emotional and some are pragmatic in nature depending what I am trying to achieve. I am  in full learning mode while enjoying the process of creating a finished piece.

But why Pippin? Let me say that Pippin is only one of several that seem to helping me create a “stash”. I adore Pippin. I find that many of Jennifer Tan’s canvases (Pippin) lead themselves to become samplers so to speak.  Her designs (Fives, Nines, Dozens) allow enough space to play with not only stitches but with fibers as well. I am on my third one. (a little bit of a groupie maybe.)

So while I have a few pieces in progress, I am working on Pippin Polar Bears right now. I chose it because even though it doesn’t have a lot of color, I knew it would take me out of a comfort zone to try new fibers – fibers I am not usually drawn too. (This is me; thinking outside of the box.)  My life is one big continuously learning wheel. However, when it comes to Needlepointing, – my learning is specific.  For this project, I have chosen a variety of white threads in different fibers. As I pull the needle through the canvas, I am learning how it feeds through the canvas, how it looks in a particular stitch  and how it does or doesn’t make sense in relation to my piece and what I am trying to accomplish.  For this piece its all about different fibers – silk, wool, blend, synthetic, velvet, etc.

Who knew that silk from one manufacturer could feel so different in your hands, in the way it slides through the canvas and how it covers your canvas. Or even have a different sheen. Before  owning a store, I had no clue.  But I am having fun and I learn something new every day.

So thank you Pippin. Thank you for creating such adorable pieces that are great for all levels of needlepoint. Thank you!

And I ask, do you have a favorite designer A favorite thread, A favorite stitch? I am always open to learning something new. Please share your ideas.