My Heart Travels with my Family – from the Traveling Needle

My Heart Travels with My Family


I find that the holidays are always a time of reflection and sentimentality… if I close my eyes I can smell the inky pages of the Sears Roebucks’ catalog – as it was within the pages of this thick book that I found all of my Christmas hopes and dreams.  Page 453 contained that bike I had to have, page 207 the sweater I could not live without, 16 the new Singer sewing machine and 32 the rock tumbler that I would use to start my very own polished rock collection!  My 9-year-old life springs into my memory along with the smells, decorations, conversations, activities – ahhhh, it’s these wonderful shared memories that lay the foundation for my husband and I with our girls.

This year our eldest came home from college for Thanksgiving break and my oh my heart was SO full hearing she and her sister laugh and scheme about how they were going to trick dad into going out for ice cream or when they thought it was the right time to begin decorating the tree.  Sitting quietly smiling, listening and addressing Christmas card envelopes I found myself overwhelmed with love for my family – so I just stopped what I was doing and started knitting.  My heart was so full that I wanted each of them to have a small piece of it.  I knit each of them a heart and decided to create necklaces so they could carry a little me with them when they need it the most.

With some 100% cotton yarn I knit the heart, I back the heart in a rough cut of 100% wool and affixed the wool to the back of the heart my stitching beads into the front of the heart with beading thread (you can really use any type of thread you want that fits into the bead and blends with the color of the yarn/wool.

Next I took some silk and ivory, some vineyard silk and some Entice, in colors that I liked, and wrapped them around some raw cording.  I slipped the ends of the cording between the knit heart and the wool and stitched it into place and Viola!  My girls had a little piece of me to take back to college or to high school with them!

This is a perfect and very easy project for just about anyone just to tell them that they are loved.  I am going to do bookmarks with a heart for my book club and a couple more necklaces for the grandmas.  My yarn and needles will get to travel the world as I send them to out to all of my closest and loved friends.  Give it a try and spread some love this holiday season.  Shoot me a message if you have any questions!

Please let me know where the needle takes you!

Much love, The Traveling Needle





You will need:   cotton or worsted weight yarn and a set of double point needles (DPN)

Depending on the size of the heart and the weight of the yarn you choose you can use size 3-6 needles.  I knot the heart in the pictures above with  size 3 DPN

K 3 sts. Turn
K1, M1, K1, M1, K1. Turn
K 5 sts. Turn

K1, M1, K3, M1, K1. Turn K7 sts. Turn
Break yarn.

Slide all these stitches to the end of the needle. Repeat from * Don’t break yarn the second time.

You should now have both tops of the heart on one needle. Making sure both pieces are ridge side up, knit across. Turn K 3 more rows. Turn
K1, ssk, K to last 3 sts, k2tog, K1. Turn

K across. Turn
Repeat the last two rows until 2 sts remain. Bind off. Darn in ends, coaxing the heart into shape.

To make a larger heart, add more increase rows to each top piece.
To make a taller heart, add more plain rows between each decrease row.