My Heart Travels with my Family – from the Traveling Needle

My Heart Travels with My Family I find that the holidays are always a time of reflection and sentimentality… if I close my eyes I can smell the inky pages of the Sears Roebucks’ catalog – as it was within the pages of this thick book that I found all of my Christmas hopes and […]

Stitches – K through O! from the Traveling Needle

Stitches K-O   As I craft this blog post cozy smells of Thanksgiving break are filling the air in my house…both of my daughters are home for the holiday break and I have put them in charge of the traditional pumpkin pie as well as the scrumptious fudge pie.  Hearing their laughter, chatter and the […]

Stitches F – J! from the Traveling Needle

What a busy week it has been!  I’ve been continuously delighted, time and time again, by the many talented artisans that The Traveling Needle has found in South Carolina!  Stay tuned on the blog for creations by Sari Kandel and phenomenal canvas painter and teacher and as well words of great wisdom and advice regarding […]

Needlepoint Stitches A-Z …and seriously THIS is just the beginning!

Needlepoint Stitches A-Z….and seriously THIS is just the beginning!   A-E     Many of my friends know how I just love to travel, they also know that I LOVE to dive into any new craft, project, idea, challenge… especially one that I’ve picked up on my travels!  Ask my mom, she has seen me […]

Winter projects got you feeling Weighed Down? Well, that’s good!

Winter Projects got you feeling Weighed Down? Well, that’s Good! – written by Beth Huth   Any needle pointer I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet will openly and at times without any prompt share with me the perfect and most efficient way to labor over and complete their individual needle point masterpieces.  Some share […]