Summer Spartina

Spartina Grass in the Early Summer


People ask me all the time, what do we love about Hilton Head, and, do I miss the seasons. My husband and I fell in love with the rich hues of Summer, Winter, Fall and Spring that surround us every year from the many things are Hilton Head-ish. One of those most amazing things I love is coming over the Cross Island Bridge and seeing the Spartina Grass sway in the breeze in the water. I love how it changes color depending on the season. I fall in love with it ever time I see it….Fast forward to Copper Corgi Studio Fibers. (a Local Indie Dyer who we absolutely love!)

We have partnered with Copper Corgi to bring to life our love of the Spartina Grass in the different seasons. Our first yarn is Summer Spartina. The lush greens and yellows that come about when the grass is tall and the sun is shining high. Our first two weights are in – Savannah Sock (460 yards) and Ogeechee Sport (350 yards).  This yarn is available in several weights and only through Needlepoint Junction. There will be one color for each season, so stay tuned for more color ways to come.

“Summer Spartina” is available now.

thumbnail-1  Spartina Summer